Saltwater Sun San SURFER in Navy

$ 39.95

The Sun-San® Surfer is a classic two-strap sandal that's perfect for younger feet. An adjustable toe buckle and ankle strap make them great for both wide and narrow feet. Wear them comfortably all day long thanks to the lightweight, cushioned urethane sole. Rust-proof brass buckles and scuff-resistant water friendly genuine leather make them ideal for in-and-out of water wear. They clean up so easily, and with proper care will last for years
Easy to clean
Hand-stitched, non-slip, molded rubber sole


Get a Better Fit

To get the sandal to mold to your foot better, soak them in water for 30 minutes, then put them on your foot and wear the sandals until they are dry. This will help the leather stretch around your feet and the bottom will also mold well to the sole of the foot.

Shrinking The Sandal

If the leather becomes too stretched out, get them wet and have them dry in the sun. This will shrink the leather down; and again, if they get too tight, see 'Get a better fit'.

Clean Up

If your Saltwaters get dirty, simply spray with a water bottle, wipe them off and let them dry.

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