Hey hey! My name is Tearsa & this is Henly! I am so glad you found our little corner of the internet & hope you love it! We sure do. 

I grew up all around the world; Born in Sao Paulo Brasil & spent my childhood & teens in Cotopaxi Ecuador, Buenos Aires Argentina, Frankfurt Germany, Salt Lake City Utah, but spending most of my childhood in a quiet village just outside of Birmingham, England. HENLY is a nearby town! I graduated from an International High School in Brasil and moved back to Utah! Met my husband, Tony and the rest is history! 

Henly started when I was a fairly new momma, as a little shelf of leather baby shoes and slowly worked its way into what you see now! Henly is one of my babies. (So MUCH love & time poured into Henly) Every item you see is hand-picked or designed by me. I am all about fashionable, comfortable, well-made yet affordable clothing for beautiful women in every beautiful stage of life. Henly currently staffs 17 AMAZING women. I couldn't do it without them or YOU! YOU make this dream possible! Thank you!  

Want to chat? Find me on IG @shophenly